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Back to School - Have A Great Year 
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Time to help each other and Elgin get back on our Feet.

 Let's make "2020" a Great Year by Supporting Elgin Business's 

We are a Small town with a Big Friendly Attitude!!!  

Here in Elgin, home of the Elgin Wildcats,
pride in our schools and community is important.  
We want our town to thrive!


If you live here, we encourage you to shop here and
get involved in the community.

Elgin has a wide range of goods, services and
activities in many areas that you might not know about.  
Take a look at our business directory - help support the 
community by spending your dollars right here in Elgin!

Locally owned and operated, we started "Shop in Elgin" in 2000,
 when a need was identified by the Elgin Chamber of Commerce.  
We started with a Printed Business Directory.
Then in 2012 we decided we needed to get with the times. was born. 
 We're super excited to have an Internet presence to
 highlight our business and community on a wider scale
 and reach folks that may not be that familiar with the 
over 300 businesses right here in Elgin.  

Want to show your support for Elgin businesses?

I'm available anytime, if you have questions or comments about our Internet site. 
 Contact me at (512) 285-4309 or send an email to  
The way we see it here in Elgin, if we don't know you, you're just a friend we haven't met yet.  
We look forward to seeing you around town!

Warm regards,
Amy Dittrich, Owner
We are asking for your Help! 
Due to the growth of Shop In Elgin we are updating the entire site. 
If you are a visiting or have an ad with us, Please let us know of any
 outdated or incorrect information. Email us at:
Thank you!!

 Mesothelioma Guide - click below

Below is an email from a visitor.  5.7.2018

So glad we were able to provide important information to help.

And Thank You Samantha for sharing the link to Poisonous Flowers and Plants for Pets. 


My daughter Samantha and I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you. Sam's in Girl Scouts and is currently working to earn her Service To Animals Fun Patch.  The girls are doing a number of fun educational activities to learn about pets like safety around animals, the needs of pets, pet overpopulation, etc. They were told to do some research at home on caring for pets and Sam found your page . Its been so helpful to her we wanted to let you know and to thank you. At her kindergarten graduation Sam said when she grew up she wanted to be a veterinarian, and this has only made her want to be one more! It's great to see her so passionate about something at such a young age.

When I told Sam I was going to email you to thank you, she suggested I let you know about another resource she found, "Poisonous Plants and Flowers for Pets" at . She thought it could be a good addition to the resources on your page. I know its been a good resource for Sam she plans on sharing with the troop, so hopefully you find some use for it too.

Thank you again!:)

Lynette & Samantha Brown


Below is an email from a visitor. 

So glad we were able to provide important information to help.

And Thank You  Molly for sharing the link to Safe Pet travel!! 

 Hi there,

My family and I wanted to reach out and thank you for your page . My husband and I decided to get a puppy in April after months and months of begging from our daughters lol. We're both huge dog lovers but haven't had dogs ourselves since we were kids and we wanted to wait for the right time to introduce a puppy into our family. We moved into a new house back in early January with a fenced in yard so we decided it was finally time to start looking.

Needless to say, we fell in love with a little American Eskimo puppy and named him Gatsby(I'm a librarian - I couldn't resist!) Your page has been such a help to us in caring for our new puppy, I wanted to reach out and thank you. Gatsby is already an irreplaceable part of our family - I honestly don't know what we ever did without him! He is the most loving and playful dog, and he absolutely adores our girls.

We're actually taking him out to my parents house this weekend so they can meet him. It's a 4 hour drive so I'm a little concerned how he will do on such a long trip but I found a really good article on pet travel safety at . I wanted to pass it along to you because I thought it could be a good addition to your resource page. Hopefully it can help some other clueless new pet-parent out.

Thank you again, and have a great week!:)

Molly Parker & family

Elgin - Then & Now

Downtown Elgin Texas -  Then 1912




Downtown Elgin Texas - Now




Old Elgin High School

New Elgin High School 

Then - Fleming Hospital, Elgin TX 1938

 (Below) Fleming Commuinty Center - Now



  2 Local Business Honored as Texas Treasures


 To contact McGee Brothers call James at 512.517.0021






Elgin Is Growing!!


















Juneteenth 2016 




























Judges Impressed at Livestock Show




Publisher's Note

Elgin, TX

Welcomes You!

By Amy Dittrich, Publisher

The city of Elgin was incorporated on May 13, 1872. The City is named after Robert Morris Elgin, the Railroad Land Commissioner in the 1870's. Elgin is a community rich in history. The community offers fun for family and friends at annual events listed in our Calendar.

Also check with our Elgin Chamber of Commerce office 512-285-4515 for information - you might want to become a member. Our town invites all to join in our community and get to know us and let us know you.

The following pages will show you only a few of the businesses we have in our area. There is more to Elgin than you think. Call 512-285-4309 for more information from your customer service person. If you can't find it in Elgin, look here anyway... we list Bastrop, Manor, Taylor, Smithville, Paige as well.

Advertising is your life blood line. Keep your name out there for people to keep you and your business in mind. New people move in every day! New people view this site every day! Technology is here to stay... is the way of the future. We are on 65 search engines and are mobile. Advertise with us, and you'll be out there too!!

Thank you for taking the time,

Amy - Publisher


"We Are Elgin, TX" - Welcome

"We Are Elgin, TX" - Welcome

Click the links below to vieiw Dowtown Elgin

Shopping Guides and Map

Heritage Walking Tour

Shop Elgin First

Elgin, Texas - My Hometown

Local Businesses Featured

Josh and Jamie Hausladen, Owners

Phone: (512) 361-5440

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday  Closed

Emergency service available 24/7.

Service Area:


and surrounding areas.

Businesses New To Town or New To Our Web-Site

Businesses New To Town or New To Our Web-Site


CHeMn CaFe - 114 N. Main St, Elgin

Hakuna Mata - 512.285.6015

Central Harness Shop - 512.669.5261

Stella's Treats - 512.333.4041

Noble Investigation's - 512.949.1143

Divine Design's - Call or Text 806.239.6405

Rainy Real Estate, Steve Balch - 101 N. Main St. Elgin

Moreno's Tree Service - 512.332.6111

Candy Nails - 205 S. Main St. Elgin 512.285.4949

Gal's Things - 512.922.0112

Ascension Seton - 737.200.6400

If we missed your business or a business

you know of, that is not on the list.

Please Let Us Know



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